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Hiring an HR Consultant: What’s it All About?

Whatever the size or stage of development your business is at, an HR consultant can provide the support you need to grow.

Hiring an HR consultant makes sense for many businesses. The flexibility a consultant offers will adapt to the needs of the organization, creating a dynamic to support the business in any stage or structure. 

I encourage you to read through the categories below, select the closest stage/structure to your business, and begin brainstorming ways that an HR consultant can provide support.

Startups: Hiring can be overwhelming, and you definitely want policies and procedures in place before welcoming new team members to the company. Even super-small businesses must be aware of applicable employment laws and how to stay in compliance. An HR consultant can help with all of the above, including sourcing and recruiting candidates who will bring the most value to the table, as well as creating streamlined policies and processes to make Day 1 and beyond a positive experience.

Scaling for Growth: Your business is growing, including your workforce, but you’re not yet at the point of hiring a full-time HR professional. Perhaps the HR-related duties have landed in the lap of a Controller, CFO, or GM, with support from department managers. This is a common way to distribute HR responsibilities for growing businesses, and it typically tends to work until it doesn’t. Day-to-day HR operations are essential. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and details fall through the cracks when tackling HR-related duties on top of main job responsibilities. The good news is this setup can work with the support of an HR consultant to not only assist in tactical functions but also help to align HR with the strategic plan of the business.

HR Department of One: You’re a rockstar! I’ve been in your shoes, so I know how many directions you may be pulled in each day. You’ve got this! However, there may be times when support with an audit, finding your next hire, or simply a second set of eyes would be welcomed. A consultant can help with time-sensitive projects, offer coaching for new HR managers, and even temporarily outsource certain HR activities to take a few things off your plate.

Corporate HR Teams: Most corporate HR teams function like well-oiled machines, but there are situations where outside support is needed. Perhaps a team member goes on leave, an audit arises, there is a need for learning and development or for expertise outside of the team. Just as with an HR Department of One, a consultant can offer HR support to achieve both the short-term and long-term goals of the team and organization.

No matter what the stage or structure of your business, keep these things in mind.

Assess for success! Of course, it’s always best practice (and more cost-effective) to assess proactively versus reactively. This is especially true with HR compliance, which is crucial for any business, no matter the stage or size. An HR assessment is also critical if your business is declining. Ensuring alignment of staff, roles, and goals is key, along with the necessary development of the workforce at all levels. Building upon these strategies offers a path forward while navigating the direction of your business.

You continue to call the shots. The purpose of any consultant, HR or otherwise, is to offer expertise and recommendations so the business owner and other leaders can make informed decisions. A consultant’s value stems from assessing strengths and gaps and providing knowledge to support the client in creating a feasible plan of action that offers a return on investment.

Creating a partnership. Hiring a consultant is transactional, but building a partnership is transformative. Once a project is complete, you need to feel confident that you can reach out at any time when you have a question, or when a new project develops. A consultant is a trusted resource who cultivates a longstanding, collaborative relationship with each client.  

So, that’s a little bit of what hiring an HR consultant may be about for you and your business. For us, it’s about becoming a trusted partner and empowering business leaders by providing knowledge to help make decisions and develop strategies that are aligned with an effective business plan.

Level Up Solutions welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your business and related HR needs. Check out the Services page on our website for an idea of what types of services we offer and let us know how we can support the Level Up of your business.

“The only way a company can grow, stay true to its soul, and remain consistently successful is to attract, hire, and keep great people.” ~ Danny Meyer, CEO of Shake Shack

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As Owner & Senior Consultant at Level Up Solutions HRD LLC, Terri Cummings is an advocate of lifelong learning who fosters bridging the connection between personal and professional development. Through strategy and proactive development, her aim is to align students, members of the workforce, and employers with continuous growth and opportunity that achieves sustainable success.

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